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Industrial Cybersecurity in the year 2022 and beyond

Cybersecurity is a real and compelling problem that the world currently faces, and will continue to face in the next few years to come. Despite technological advances and cutting-edge solutions cyber-attacks still take place. The reason for this is simple. Attackers most often do not try to outsmart machines or technologies, they try to outsmart people – the single weakest link that an attacker attempts to take advantage of in order to exploit the target infrastructure. Humans are prone to errors or mistakes, and this is one of the reasons why cybersecurity as a problem will continue to exist in the next few years to come.

Although cybersecurity seems to be a fairly hot topic in the recent years, the act of compromising computer infrastructures have existed for many years – what started as a curiosity of breaking into computers by computer nerds, gradually evolved to be used for malicious intents, financial exploits, and even nation-state attacks. The recent trend of attacks seems to be targeting critical infrastructures aka industrial organizations. Attacks on critical infrastructure can be damaging to the well-being of society as the losses arising from the cyberattack goes far beyond financial losses. The colonial pipeline cyberattack is a perfect example. There are many reasons why cybersecurity will continue to be a matter of concern for critical infrastructures in the year 2022 and beyond. The fragility of the critical infrastructures, the lack of knowledge of Industrial cybersecurity among critical infrastructure workers, the use of artificial intelligence by threat actors, and the sophistication of cyber-attacks are just a few of them.

We, at 3WaySecure Consulting, help to protect critical infrastructures from evolving cyber threats. We believe the single biggest step that organizations need to take is recognizing that the problem at hand is real and immediate. By removing indecision and complacency an organization can take the necessary steps towards solving Industrial cybersecurity problems. We help the organizations with the next step, which is to quantify the cyber threat their business faces by measuring the cybersecurity risks. To address cybersecurity risks, we apply a balanced formula of people, process, and technology, as anyone component will not solve the cybersecurity problem in isolation. We analyze the organization and infrastructure holistically, prioritize the cybersecurity risks and offer practical solutions that are sustainable.

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