What We Do

We measure and manage organization’s cybersecurity risk, help to make key cybersecurity technology investment decisions, develop functional cybersecurity policies, establish cybersecurity compliance and to create secure architectures, all with a single-minded goal of protecting their critical ecosystems

Get Visibility

We help you identify your critical assets and achieve a clear picture of your current cybersecurity risks.

Address Risks

We help you prioritize and address business impacting risks with practical remedial measures.

Reach Cyber Maturity

We help you strengthen protection, achieve resilience to prepare for and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Our service offerings

Risk Assessment

The first step in protecting your business from cyber-attacks is to identify risks in your organization and uncover business and operational impacts.

Policy & Procedures

3waysecure assists in developing or reviewing cybersecurity policies, procedures, and guidelines, helping you to improve processes and strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Security Audit

Achieve compliance in your infrastructure, by first establishing a baseline of your security controls, with the standards (NIST, IEC/ISA, ISO) based gap analysis.

Penetration Testing

Identify unnoticed security holes in your network and estimate the likelihood of being hacked using our penetration tests, so the anomalies can be mitigated before a potential breach.

Vulnerability Assessment

Locate and re-mediate weaknesses and vulnerabilities using our vulnerability assessments to limit exposure to cyber attacks. Removing this low-hanging fruit keeps hackers out.

Security Architecture

Security architecture and design from the initial stages helps to reduce the attack surface, achieve a robust security posture and presents a distinct advantage to manage threats. 

Awareness Training

Awareness training helps each of your employees to play an active role in safeguarding your business against cyber threats. We offer you a carefully curated and personalized program.












Avoid Business Losses

Cybersecurity is not just an IT problem, it is a business problem, and a cyber-attack can be devastating for a business or organization of any size.

Operational Disruptions

Disruption of operations, loss or damage of information, extortion , all result in lost revenue.

Financial Losses

Financial losses of legal costs and fines, are detrimental to any business.

Reputational Damages

Reputation damage leads to loss of customer confidence in your business.

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We are waiting for you to provide your feedback about our services 🙂


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