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Born To Solve A Real And Compelling Problem

An estimated 1M+ industrial companies face the threat of destructive cyber attacks. At 3WaySecure Consulting, we are on a mission to protect industrial companies from business-impacting cyber threats.

3WaySecure Consulting, a Canadian cybersecurity consulting company

Based in Vancouver, British Colombia

Why Our Work Matters

Digitalization, connected networks, and industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things have become indispensable to the success and advancement of industrial ecosystems. However, cyber threats are a by-product of this unexpected convergence between futuristic technology and the industry’s legacy infrastructure. The traditional industrial ecosystem is neither used to nor prepared for rapidly evolving cyber threats. We are on a mission to protect industrial companies from business impacting cyber threats.

Our Goal

At 3Waysecure Consulting, we help industrial organizations protect from cybersecurity incidents, achieve resilience, and reach cyber maturity. We help you address some of the biggest cybersecurity challenges, such as IT/OT convergence and skill shortage. With years of industrial cybersecurity experience and a precise understanding of how attackers operate, 3WaySecure Consulting has a unique advantage to protect your organization from the cybersecurity threats of today and tomorrow.

We protect our clients’ businesses from evolving cyber threats, now and forever.


3waysecure employs a team of highly experienced cybersecurity experts who have played pivotal roles in safeguarding critical national infrastructures from evolving cyber threats. The perfect blend of cybersecurity expertise and industry-specific experience helps us solve some of the toughest problems in critical environments.

3waysecure pursues excellence, and our track record speaks for us. We consistently deliver solutions to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

3waysecure Approach

Our approach is simple. We help you adopt holistic, pragmatic and sustainable security with fact-based and intelligence-based strategic decisions.

Holistic, Pragmatic, Sustainable Security

Security must be holistic, pragmatic, and sustainable to protect from evolving threats.

Information And Intelligence-led Decisions

Intelligence-led and Information based approach empowers strategic decision making.

Personalized And Cost Effective Solutions

Solving problems unique to your business with personalized and cost-effective solutions.


Our values are part of our DNA. They define who we are, and influence the way we work and the way we serve our clients.


Our actions are honest and ethical, always


Good is not enough; we strive to excel


We work with speed, decisiveness and accuracy


We take ownership and we are fully accountable

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