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Five Steps of Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities exist in most assets in an infrastructure. Leaving vulnerabilities unaddressed is an invitation for cyber threats. Addressing vulnerabilities in a timely manner helps to reduce the attack surface in the infrastructure and minimize cybersecurity risk for an organization.

Effective vulnerability management requires a proper plan and successful execution of all the steps involved. Below are the steps required for effective vulnerability management.

Five Steps of Vulnerability Management
Five Steps of Vulnerability Management
  • Discover – Asset Discovery and Asset classification.

As the saying goes “You cannot protect what you can’t see”. Identify and map every asset across your company infrastructure and do this on a regular basis as infrastructure changes occur. Classify assets based on their function and importance. 

  • Assess – Active or Passive Vulnerability Scanning

Through active or passive vulnerability scanning, evaluate the vulnerabilities in all of your assets, including software or hardware vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and other security health indicators.

  • Analyze – Analysis and Prioritization of vulnerabilities

Analyze the vulnerabilities based on business impact and prioritize the vulnerabilities that are most impactful to your business

  • Mitigate – Patching of vulnerabilities 

Address the vulnerabilities in the order of priority and apply patches where practical. Where patching is not practical, apply to compensate security controls.

  • Measure – Tracking the progress of vulnerability management program

Measure and track your progress on a regular interval to understand the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program. This will help in making better business decisions and technology investments.

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